Mat South farmers adopt traditional grains

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Mat South farmers adopt traditional grains

  • Posted by: Precious Nkomo
ruth tembo

Ruth Tembo is a farmer from Valley Greater Scheme in Matobo District. She is one of the farmers in the greater scheme who are growing biofortified crops. She said, “ In one of my fields I grew sorghum with assistance from SIRP. These traditional grains are important to our families because we can use them to prepare sadza, porridge and other recipes.”

The crops are a good option for farmers in semi- arid regions like Matabeleland South, where Valley is located. “For us farmers in the semi-arid region of Matabeleland South which has low rainfall, these traditional grains are important as they are drought resistant. We have also learnt that these small grains are good for people who have high blood pressure and those who are diabetic. After the cooking demonstrations that were conducted by SIRP, we have adopted these traditional grains as we are assured of food security and good health.”

Author: Precious Nkomo

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