Component 1

Component 1: Sustainable Smallholder Irrigation Development

This component aims to transform low-performing irrigation schemes into fully functional ones in terms of efficient water management and low O&M costs. Department of Irrigation is the lead implementing agent for component 1. The sub-components of component 1 include:

1.1  Scheme Selection and Rehabilitation

  • Irrigation scheme Revitalisation of 6100ha of existing smallholder irrigations scheme

1.2 Improved Smallholder Irrigation Management

  • Establish effective leadership and governance systems;
  • Enhance leadership, ownership, effective O&M, good management, productivity and sustainability of rehabilitated schemes.

1.3 Enhanced Institutional Capacity for Irrigation Development

  • Strengthen the capacity of DoI to provide quality service to smallholder irrigation farmers
  • Build capacity of DOI to engage in evidence-based policy dialogue for smallholder irrigation development.
  • Draft legal framework for smallholder irrigation schemes.