Component 2

Component 2 – Climate Smart Agriculture & Market Access

Aims to achieve farm competiveness and profitability through improved market access, improved cropping intensity, increased use of improved varieties, improved access to inputs, improved access to financial services, adoption of GAPs and Climate Smart Agriculture practices; and technologies for increased productivity and value addition and improved Natural Resources Management.   This component targets both the irrigated areas, and the adjacent lands that belong to the same villages engaged in irrigation schemes, which are called the adjacent rain-fed areas. This component is led by AGRITEX using the existing administrative and technical structures with the participation of beneficiaries.

Component 2 is implemented through three sub-components:

Enhanced Agricultural Practices and Farmers’ Organisational Capacity through:

  • Promotion of sustainable crop production and farm competitiveness
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Promotion of gender equality and economic empowerment
  • Promotion of good nutrition practices

Market Access and Rural Financial Services through:

  • Linking farmers to rural financial services
  • Training in agribusiness development and marketing
  • Brokering market linkages and information access
  • Post-Harvest management training and low-cost assets
  • Rehabilitation of roads

Enhanced Institutional Capacity for Market-led Production through: 

  • Enhancing the capacity of AGRITEX and other departments to provide quality service delivery to Smallholder (SH) irrigation schemes
  • Engaging AGRITEX and others in policy dialogue