Traditional leader hails SIRP for community conflict reduction

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Traditional leader hails SIRP for community conflict reduction

  • Posted by: Precious Nkomo

A traditional leader in the Mayorca greater scheme area in Kwekwe, Midlands has praised the Smallholder Irrigation Revitalisation Programme (SIRP) for rehabilitating infrastructure at the 76-hectare irrigation in Midlands.
Speaking to this publication in September, Headman Samambwa said the revitalization of the scheme had resulted in the reduction of conflicts among community members in the area. He said, “As traditional leaders we faced a lot of challenges within the community, which included many conflicts. Due to the dilapidation of infrastructure within the scheme, farmers had become idle. The chief’s court was often inundated with complaints, most of which fighting among community members.
As traditional leaders, we note a change in the situation. After the rehabilitation of the scheme, trainings offered by SIRP and various other interventions which included assistance such as chicken and goat projects, we have seen a reduction in conflicts within the community. People are now kept busy within the scheme while those in rainfed areas also preoccupied with attending to their livestock.”
The traditional leader continued “As traditional leaders, we are grateful for the training on conflict management which was extended to the Irrigation Management Committee (IMC). Within the traditional courts, when there are conflict situations, we summon some members of the IMC to come and assist the chief’s court in resolving the conflict. As traditional leaders we also realise it is easier to lead a community that is food secure as food insecurity can cause conflict in the community.
We thank SIRP for this intervention and urge them to continue this good work. We also encourage them to bring refresher courses regularly so that people do not forget what they have been taught.”

Author: Precious Nkomo

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