Musaverema PPE group buys goats for group members

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Musaverema PPE group buys goats for group members

  • Posted by: Precious Nkomo
musaverema women

A group of 25 women belonging to the Tashinga PPE Group in Musaverea Greater Scheme Area in Masvingo has begun to reap rewards of their hard work in implementing the personal protective equipment (PPE) project. The group of 25 was trained in August 2021 and manufactures sanitisers, foam bath, dish washing liquid, toilet cleaners and hand washing liquids. Among its membership are seven youths
The group has managed to buy goats for eight of its members as it moves towards ensuring that each members has livestock. According to the chairperson of the group, said the group had already made R23 000 from sales and at the time of the visit they had R10 000 in their bank account. The group also has an Income Savings And Lending group where members borrow money and repay it an agreed interest rate.
The chairlady said their vision was to get a bigger working space for their project with members willing to mould bricks for the project. The women also indicated their intention to be trained in sewing as they wish to contribute to the mask production business.

Author: Precious Nkomo

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