Joshua Bangani’s Maize Success Story

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If I learn it, I forget it, If I see it, I remember it and if I discover it, I own it

Joshua Bangani a beneficiary of the programme owns 1ha in Musikavanhu Block B5 irrigation scheme which is under rehabilitation. He is married and has 9 children 3 boys and 6 girls. Joshua Bangani attended demonstrations training on Good Irrigated Agriculture Practices. The demonstrations show cased the importance of correct spacing, correct use of fertilizer, appropriate irrigation, ripping and use of high yielding varieties in smallholder irrigation farmers. The training was integrated with farming as a business among other courses.

Following the trainings he put 0,8 ha under maize during the winter season. He achieved a good crop after putting into practice what he learned on the demonstrations and trainings which were offered by SIRP-IFAD.
Mr Banga said Following the trainings provided by SIRP-IFAD particularly on maize production demonstration and Farming as a business, I took it upon myself to follow everything which I saw being demonstrated and taught. I changed my way of doing things and selected a long season variety, reduced my plant spacing and improved fertilizer application ”

During a follow-up visit after harvest he excitedly told the team “ For the first time I had a huge profit from selling my green maize. My gross income was approximately RTG19000 from the sales of green maize at RTGs 1.50 per/cobb. My profits translated to RTGs 13000 after deduction of all costs including labour.”

The use demonstrations in promoting Good Irrigated Agriculture Practices  is important as increases adoption of best practices. As the  proverb says If I learn it, I forget it, If I see it, I remember it and if I discover it, I own it



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