Empowering The Youth Through Training in Bee keeping

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Empowering The Youth Through Training in Bee keeping

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Empowering the Youth Through Bee Keeping (Liquid Gold) Training

Globally, youth present a greater proportion the of the population with limited opportunities and contribution to economic development. The potential returns of investing in young people are boundless in terms of food security, poverty reduction, employment generation, as well as peace and political stability.

As  part of SIRP youth interventions 87 youth were trained in bee keeping  in Chirendzi and Chipinge districts. The trained youth received starter kits that comprised of a bee suit, saw, smoker, bee brush and beehive.

Why bee keeping-

  • bee keeping (liquid gold) is fast becoming a profitable income generating activity for people of all ages because of the high demand of honey and bee related products such as beeswax in both the domestic and export markets.
  • beekeeping requires minimal start up investment and generally yields profits within the first year of operation.
  • Beekeeping technology is not complex and tedious, it requires a relatively small amount of time input
  • Beekeeping is an innovative way to protect forests.
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