Better health and harmony after GALS

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Better health and harmony after GALS

  • Posted by: Precious Nkomo

Mr Hobane worked lived in the city of Bulawayo for many years and had just recently retired to live with his wife in his rural home. He said the root of the problems in his marriage stemmed from the fact that he struggled to live with his wife for a lengthy period because he previously lived alone in the city. Previously, living on his own meant that he did not need to consult or inform his wife about his movements or expenditure. When he relocated to Ntanye Village in rural Gwanda, his wife expected him to plan with her on a number of issues including expenditure. This led to arguments, some of which turned violent as he rejected his wife’s ideas. Mr Hobane also spent the bulk of his time drinking alcohol with his friends at the shops, which he opted for as a way of avoiding his wife.
Due to the abuse, his wife’s mental and physical health deteriorated and she ended up being diagnosed with hypertension. The couple was then approached by the GALS team for counselling but the Mr Hobane pretended all was well. His wife, however, told the GALs team about all the problems they were encountering at the time. The GALS champions then assisted the couple to plan collectively and make decisions together on cropping and expenditure of proceeds from their farming activities. The gender champions also suggested that Mr Hobane’s wife should participate in sporting and other women’s social activities. Mr Hobane agreed and she joined a netball team and her health began to improve. After the couple received training on GALS, there was positive change and improvement of relations for the better.

Author: Precious Nkomo

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