A Tribute to Rural Women - Celebrating International Rural Women's Day

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A Tribute to Rural Women – Celebrating International Rural Women’s Day

  • Posted by: Precious Nkomo
international rural womens day

Rural Women- Our Development Champions


A tribute to the rural women for your strength, caring, creativity, dedication  and resilience. Despite the hardship, the unequal distribution you soldier on with  a smile. We may never see your face or know your name but  we do see your work.

You (Rural women) play a catalytic role towards achievement of transformational economics by engaging in agriculture. You are  custodians of socio-economic, cultural and environmental sustainability. You are the farmers, producers, caregivers, change-makers, investors, community & family managers, , problem solvers, businesswomen, educators. and leaders.  You are the custodians of our future and backbone of our nations


We may not hear about you in the news.

Or  see your pictures in the magazines.

Or read your names in the headlines.


Daily you contribute to  food and nutrition security,

Daily you contribute to eradicating rural poverty,

Daily  you contribute to improving the well-being of your families,

Daily you  contribute towards change,

Daily  you work to build a brighter tomorrow for our world,

Daily you make world more prosperous, equal, healthy and bright


Every day you are changing the world,

Every day you are growing the food that feeds your nations.

Every day you are fighting the climate crisis,

Every day you bring great change to your communities,

Every day you work to give the world a sustainable future,

Every day you sacrifice for the nation


Your hardwork,  effort, sacrifice dedication, enthusiasm is inspiring.

Rural women must be given the means.

Rural women must be supported.

Rural women must be heard.

Rural women must be empowered.

Rural women must have a seat where decisions are made.

“When women are empowered, families and communities benefit”

AS SIRP we stand with you and celebrate with you 

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